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September Hollaback!

Feel like you missed something in September? No stress… we’ve got your back!

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Don’t forget to smile ladies!

Hollaback’s deputy director Debjani Roy talks street harassment.

Don’t Watch the Ray Rice Video

Our Streets, Our Selves: Tips for Post Harassment Self Care

Anti-Harassment Documentary: The People’s Girls

Emma Watson to men: Gender equality is your issue, too

If We Gave Men The Same Rape Advice We Gave Women, Here’s How Absurd It Would Sound

It’s On Us

10 Questions It’s NEVER OK to Ask a Transgender Person

Texas throws out “upskirt” photo law. Boo.

Women of Color and the Hidden Trauma of Police Brutality

Take Back the Lane: A Guide to Street Harassment on a Bicycle

The Power of Girl

The Quiet Crisis Among Queer Women

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How Catcalls Affects Women


Check out the original post here.

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Classification of Cat-callers


Check out the original artwork here.

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Share Your Story

A major (some might say biggest) part of Hollaback! is building a community where you feel safe to share your stories. A place where you can vent while knowing that the greater Hollaback! community has got your back! Just listen to this theme song that was written…

Share your story!

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Shout it out!

When was the last time you saw a billboard flashing messages about consent, respecting women or street harassment? I’d guess never.

Earlier this year, they launched a call for image and spoken-word submissions focused on rape culture. All image submissions were exhibited in the spring at Lancaster’s Zoetropolis Art House and Theater, and community members performed a play devised from the entries. While the event was very successful, like so many anti-violence events that take place nationwide their audience was comprised of people who were already informed about sexual violence and sexism. So they decided to take their messages to the general public through the billboard campaign. Said Manlove,

We have to raise public awareness. We have to stop having this issue in the closet. We need to get it out in the open. Now that I’m in my 60s, I really feel a sense of urgency to push to change our culture in as many ways as I can, as quickly as I can.

The placement of their billboard is strategic: It’s near Franklin and Marshall College (F&M), which is under a federal Title IX investigation for its handling of sexual assault reports.

The Alice Drum Women’s Center, according to Luttrell-Rowland, is “doing work around gendered violence. We run a public speaker series and ongoing leadership trainings and discussions that align with similar messages as these billboards.” The center also addresses “interlocking systems of oppression” and teaches and talks about “racism, classism, ethnocentrism, homophobia and transphobia, as well as about sexism.”

College spokeswoman Cass Cliatt talked to me about the billboards, too, saying, “We feel there is value in initiatives that seek to build constructive partnerships.” They are currently exploring ways to collaborate with hu-MAN Up on educational programs and outreach around campus sexual assault prevention.

hu-MAN Up hopes to bring their messages to billboards near other Lancaster college campuses and to build partnerships with them, too. So far, says Taylor Ulrich, the billboards have received nothing but positive responses from the Lancaster and F&M campus communities. “I believe they will help F&M step up their game when it comes to dealing with sexual assault,”says F&M senior Mackenzie Oettel, who has experienced street harassment many times and sees it as “a major issue that needs to end.”

The billboard messages will be on display through September 6. hu-MAN Up has an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to expand the billboard campaign and launch a bus ad campaign in Lancaster as well. If they raise enough funds, they plan to buy ad space on billboards in other cities next year.

Taylor Ulrich and Manlove especially hope to mobilize men with their campaign. “Until men become engaged and involved in the work, change will come slowly,” Manlove says. Adds Taylor Ulrich,

Check out the full article here.

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Silencing 101


Check out the original here.

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Forgotten Feminist Cartoon Characters From The 90’s

Pepper Ann from Pepper Ann

Watch her rollerblade all over gender stereotypes here.


Not only was Susie the only black Rugrat (don’t we wish there was more diversity on the show?), but she was insanely confident, open-minded, and always asserted her opinion. She was also the voice of reason on the Rugrats.


Mr. Simmons from Hey Arnold!

Mr. Simmons is the most open-minded character on Hey Arnold! and the best teacher on the show. He’s just the kindest man who enjoys a good Cabernet Sauvignon on Thanksgiving and making safe spaces for everyone around him.


D.W. from Arthur

The younger sister of Arthur (the only cute aardvark that’s existed, let’s be real), who was always a rabble rouser in her family and understood the power of books.

Judy’s dramatic tendencies only existed because she was devoted to theatre and literature. This is something that Doug just couldn’t understand.


Dot from Animaniacs

She’s the younger sister of two brothers, Yakko and Wacko, and was never afraid to voice her opinions.


Eiza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

She loved science, spoke to animals, was immersed in nature, was level-headed and mature… need I say more?


…and last, but CERTAINLY not least…

…the most important feminist of the decade (in both the real and fictional world)…

She was 100% for independence and always spoke her mind.

Check out the full list here.

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things men don’t say to women on the street

construction workers

Check out the original comic strip here.

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